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Karbonn mobiles revolutionize the mobile industry in India with its cutting edge technological phones at affordable ranges. The indigenous mobile maker aims to reach out to a wider audience in the country and open the world of the latest technology in front of them. The mobile mainly targets the youth, letting them soak in the experience of the latest technology. The company has spread its networks even in other countries like Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and some more. The latest to hit the market is A2. Karbonn A2 price has been kept well within the budgets of the middle class youth.

Hardware of the phone

It has a very good processing capacity of 1 ghz. It is an Android phone and uses the OS of Gingerbread, which is the latest technology used in phone applications. It allows the installation of some amazing and useful applications, ranging from personal interest applications to commercial ones. There has been very good Karbonn A2 review, which mentions the technological upgradation made by the phone to keep up with the International standards. The sleek looking phone looks great in the hands.

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Camera features

The camera of the phone is about 3 megapixels, giving a good clarity of pictures. It even has a video recording system, meant to capture the special events of life. You do not have to carry a phone or a video camera with you. The phone has it all and can treasure every priceless moment of your life. It has an average resolution of 2560 x1920 pixels. You can now take your own snaps with the help of a front facing camera. Karbonn A2 price has been consciously kept low, to be well within the reach of the common people of the country, who use the phone for utility and not as a status symbol.

Connectivity of the phone

The phone has excellent connectivity, supporting 2G service with either GPRS or EDGE. The internet connectivity can even be provided by wi-fi system, where it is available, thereby helping you to access your mails at all times. Any information can now be collated at phones. The Bluetooth feature of the phone enables you to transfer documents, music, data with any other phone. Along with these features, the phone comes with USB data cable for transferring data easily to computers or laptops.

Miscellaneous features

The phone is touch screen, highly sensitized to feather touch. Cutting edge technology can further be witnessed in the usage of a unique pattern lock, which can lock your phone in a unique style. The phone comes with a 200 mb storage space and can be further expanded to 32 gb. Thus, Karbonn A2 review has been outstanding.

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