Fresh Look at Wool Knitting with a Focus on Ethical Treatment of Wool Source Animals


Annet Smith

When you are talking about comfort, durability, and style, wool is a reemerging alternative as a clothing choice. To add to the attractiveness of wool as an option, great advances are also being made in the important area of sustainability and ethical harvesting from the source animals. The growth of the Internet as a shopping and purchasing tool, has served to effectively level the playing field for less commercially known wool clothing and knitting supply sellers to do business on a large scale.

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These are some of the trend factors being successfully captured by Wool and the Gang. We’re talking about a small team with a big idea that starts first in the heart of the adventurous founders/operators. They (no way Wool and the Gang could ever be called ‘it’) base their business on a strong passion for not taking more than they give, while providing the best Peruvian knitting wool and ready-to-wear clothing for themselves and their customers.

Reading more about their concept, you clearly see that what they do isn’t a concept, but a way of being and doing. Their reverence for the source country of origin in Peru bursts through on their blog. The ready-to-wear clothing is hand knitted by locals steeped in the skill and tradition. The knitting wool for the locals or for you, is provided by grazing sheep at altitudes conducive to a uniquely pure and effective product. You get wonderful colors, and silkiness without sacrificing the stout thermal quality that makes wool such a magical material. The treatment the sheep receive is based on a deep and rich connection of the ranchers with their herd. The sheep get individual names and harvesting is done by hand sheering with superior care taken to never to do harm. Not only is it the right way and the time-honored way, it is integral to creating an amazing quality wool for you.

Wool and the Gang have maintained simplicity as genius. They know that the best insurance that the wool is being produced the right way with the kindness towards the sensitive animals who produce it, is to stay close to the origins and resist the burdens of over production and over consumption. Simply put, work only with like-minded producers who stick to time honored traditions of the Andean Ranches. Consumers looking for ethical knitting wool and ready-to-wear wool clothing can do business with Wool and the Gang from anywhere in the world using the power of the Internet. Visit Wool and the Gang Wool Yarn Shop

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