Dental Implants For Your Missing Teeth

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Missing tooth is a common problem around the world in general and United States of America in particular. Orange County is no exception to it. There are thousands of people in Orange County with missing teeth. These people have lost their teeth because of various dental diseases and accidents. There are instances, when teeth have to be extracted like extraction of wisdom teeth. People with missing teeth will require replacement to regain their dental function and appearance. There are various treatments for missing teeth, but dental implants provide a complete and dependable solution to this problem. In fact, you can get dazzling and beautiful smiles by opting for implants.

There are many problems with missing teeth. The first and the foremost problem is the appearance. Missing teeth can mar your dental appearance in general and your smile in particular. You will feel low in confidence with a missing tooth. Your social life will be ruined, if you have a missing tooth. The second problem is the inability to eat food properly. You may have discomfort while eating food. The third problem is the risk to your dental health. It can cause problems to your jawbone and surrounding teeth. The jawbone begins to rot when you lose teeth, because it does not get the stimulation.

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Your natural teeth provide stimulation to the jawbone through the actions of biting and chewing various food items. This stimulation helps to maintain the health and functionality of the jawbone. If you lost teeth due to any reason, there won’t be any stimulation to the jawbone. Moreover, the jawbone where a tooth is missing begins to shrink, because there is a hollow due to the loss of tooth. Shrinking of the jawbone leads to shifting of the surrounding teeth from their original position, thereby causing many other problems. One such major problem is with the bite, which in turn may lead to other dental problems.

Dental implants can solve all the problems related to missing teeth. Implants are the devices made of titanium and are meant to take the place of a natural tooth in your jawbone. An artificial tooth device is mounted on the dental implants. They get firmly rooted into the jawbone and hold your artificial tooth structure firmly to give the complete experience of a natural tooth. You can replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth with the help of implants. Since the jaw bone gets the required stimulation, no harm is caused to the health of adjacent teeth. You will feel as if you got your natural teeth back. This solution can last a long time or maybe your entire life.

You need to be in best of your health in general and dental in particular to be eligible for the procedure. You may require other treatments depending on your dental condition before installing the implants. If you are in good dental health and ready to bear the expenditure for the procedure, implant specialist in Orange County is the solution for you.

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Are Dental Implants Safe &Amp; How To Maintain Them?}

Submitted by: Kelvin Chad

Dental implants are nothing but titanium fixtures that are placed on the natural root of your tooth. These are lightly fixed into the bone using local anesthesia so that they bond more firmly than your natural whites. Most of the times, if done by an experienced dentist, implants become more stable than the natural root of your teeth. A qualified prosthodontist will build such teeth, custom design, and shade in a way to suit each patients marked facial appearance. In simple words, you get a beaming wide smile that appeal to people on an aesthetic level.

Then, are dental implants safe? Well, to get that answer, you have to read this article.

High-level research in the United States and other countries has proved that quality titanium is known for its durability as well as natural compatibility with the human body. Studies have shown that patients opting for these restorations continue to enjoy beautiful and healthy smiles.

Patients from the age group of 9 to 80 can opt for this procedure. A single, decayed or damaged tooth can dramatically improve the appearance of a child in just a matter of a few months. Again, the replacement of false teeth, i.e. dentures in elderly patients, can also make their golden years more rewarding.

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Taking Care of Your Implants

The longevity of these depends how they are cared for and maintained by a patient. Post-treatment, one needs to visit the dentist to ensure that the condition of these restorations and the health of the remaining natural teeth are fine.

If you have periodontal disease, your gums and teeth will be affected and if bone loss is left untreated, it will wane the supporting structures. This will result in the loss of both implants and your tooth. Thats why, in case of a periodontal disease, make sure that you consult a dental professional immediately.

To increase the lifespan of your implants, thorough brushing and flossing of your teeth is a must. Make sure you brush two times a day, once in the morning and again before going to sleep. There are also several supplemental products to keep your restorations clean. Talk with your dentist and he or she will suggest a home care oral care routine that will suit your needs.

Your dentist may recommend a standard brush or an electronic and cordless one. Whatever it is, your doctor will analyze the way you are brushing your natural whites, i.e. the brushing methods to ensure that you are cleaning the nook and corners properly.

Flossing is as important as brushing. When it comes to floss threaders, they are extremely helpful in reaching those areas of the implants, i.e. under the bars and bridges for a thorough cleaning. There are also special kinds of floss that your doctor may recommend. The rule of thumb is flossing daily and without fail.

Always use toothpaste that has fluoride. Fluoride is good for your natural whites and they dont damage the restorations. Avoid using pastes having coarse ingredients such as stain removers, baking soda, etc. Abrasive products have an adverse impact on acrylic and may remove the sheen of the porcelain.

So, if you wish to opt for these dental restorations, get in touch with a qualified and seasoned dental implant specialist near you.

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