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This is article 4 of the 7 part Realitysculp series.

Continuation from part three of the Realitysculp series, the next phase of information shaping is assignments of Attributes. Information that has not been classified as rejected will now pass through the Color filters. These filters assign attributes that classify where Information fits into the individuals World View. Note that once again we come back to the influence the individuals construct of reality has on their perception. It is important to realize that choice is a critical component in the classification of information.

The first filter we will discuss is the Truthfulness Filter. This filter will categorize all information into one of three classes, True, Untrue, or Undetermined. Data that supports or is consistent with the individuals currently held world view is normally labeled as True without any additional verification desired. Additionally, information that directly contradicts the individuals currently held world view is normally labeled as Untrue, again without additional verification. Acceptance of contradictory data as Untrue is the reason why, to the great frustration of many, providing data evidence of something that is contradictory to the currently held world view is often dismissed with little or no consideration. In other words, when someone believes something, when presented with evidence that what they believe is wrong, they simply dismiss the evidence as fake or false and often move on unaffected. This is why Truthers presenting what should be shocking contradictory evidence to controlled information is so easily dismissed. Only data that cannot readily be assigned a place within the current world view will be classified as Undetermined and might be subjected to pondering.

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The process of the Truthfulness filter is an important concept to understand because how data is classified will have a major impact on what the behavior response, if any, of the individual will be when exposed to it. Most data will not create any modification of behavior because all data accepted as either true or untrue does not usually affect any change on the individuals world view. It is only information that cannot be easily classified but also is within the reality scope of the individual that can cause a disruption in the choice biased process of attribute assignment.

As we discussed, the Truthfulness Filter interacts with the current held world view to rate data in a feedback loop that is biased toward perpetuating that view and only changes in the world view will alter the bias on how data is rated. The Truthfulness Filter is not easily or directly changed due to this self-perpetuating bias, and since as we discussed, World Views are formed during childhood. Adults tend to be the most resistant to considering conflicting information as having merit. It is because of this that the World View given to children during early education and from media programs tends to be very resistant to change throughout the individuals life. Couple this with reinforcement through targeted propagandized concepts and incomplete or false historical Facts students are required to master all the way up to the earning of a PHD. By the time they walk across the stage with that final Mason Mortar Board on their head, this natural and critical data filter will effectively be hijacked and now serves as delusion protection. This has resulted in a state where the average Westerner is now unable to determine truth from false information on their own and will seek someone in authority to do it for them. As counter intuitive as this may seem, the higher or more complete the Education, the greater this disability becomes on average for the individual.

One of the critical behaviors held by wild humans that any would be controller needs to eliminate is the activity of pondering (Thinking Critically about any given subject). Interestingly enough a method has been identified to use the Truthfulness Filter to vastly reduce and in some case eliminate the act of pondering before it can lead to unpredictable individual behavioral responses. Remember, any data that is classified by the ARC Filter as for consideration may lead to pondering. However, the Truthfulness Filter is another chance to help prevent this. In the modern school system children are taught that all information falls into ONLY one of two categories as part of their world view, Completely True, or Completely False. Young children are taught that all other states that information could hold such as partially true or yet to be verified fall into the category of false. This is an interesting approach because individuals functioning within this world view typically classify all data that agrees with the established world view as True, and virtually everything else as untrue. This effectively eliminates the need for consideration of information by the individual. As far as being able to control the publics world view, it is one of the more effective ones in producing individuals that perceive accurately, think clearly, and act effectively from the educators position. This is because the very nature of this world view effectively eliminates pondering.

Instinctively children are very accepting of the data they receive from trusted sources, such as family, as being factual without any need for verification or explanation. This mechanism called Rapid Learning allows children to learn from their care givers critical information so they can survive and thrive quickly and safely. We need to circle back to how children are accepting of data as being factual without any need for verification or explanation when it comes from a trusted source. This process that allows humans to take on the experiences of childhood care givers provides a vast survival advantage but is also a major vulnerability that can be exploited by those seeking control. Public education provides the means for the state to be inserted into the lives of the young as a care giver and a trusted information source. Children instinctively accept the content and context of the data the teacher provides as truthful without any need for verification or explanation. This acceptance of data and concepts as factual is so deep and complete that once a child is taught a concept as true, it is all but impossible for it to be removed from the individuals held world view as long as they live.

Humans are born with a process of data truthfulness verification that is centered around the individual five senses. The very young will test every aspect of our reality by personally verifying it. During the education process, children are directed away from this method of personal verification to one were data is instead checked against an external authority (Experts). What happens in this method is that an external authority (the State) provides the labels or ratings on the Truthfulness of all data a person is permitted to receive. Since children are taught by trusted caregivers, their teachers, that these vaguely defined Experts are both benevolent and much more capable of determining truth then the individual, children grow to trust the words of Experts more then they trust their own experiences. The individual is taught they need not ponder or investigate the truthfulness of anything, but rather just check with the authorized source. What is surprising is how irrational this concept is if one was to examine it with a clear mind. Every single day of a typical individuals life they interact with people they know have or are lying for self-serving reasons. Yet if one was to assert that the worlds wealthiest people or the Governments could be lying for self-serving reasons, they would be labeled as a Conspiracy Theorist. This is how, as a society, people have been programed to believe attributes that are common for most of humanity, dont apply to the group that holds the wealth and power. Yet when pressed most people are aware of the contradictory history that depicts that this wealth and power were obtained by ruthlessly committing some of the greatest atrocities in history.

Those seeking the path of Mindfree will need to understand and accept what is to many a very foreign concept; that data actually has three classifications, True, Untrue, and Undetermined. It is important that the free thinking individual realize that in most cases they need NOT immediately classify data as True or Untrue. Most importantly they need to readdress the verification process they were taught. Never forget Authorized or Approved means spin.

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