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Have you ever thought of how to live a secure life in the future? No one can predict the future and now we may be having all wealth, but future cannot be predicted “Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed”. This is one of the beautiful quotes from Wayne Dyer and always thinks for the future of you and your family members. You are going to live your life and you are the responsible person for the loss in your life. Investment is the one that provides safety for your life and investing your money in insurance provides the complete safety for your future. Are you still unaware about the benefits of insurance and its types? Don’t worry my friends we will see a detailed overview about it.

What is insurance?

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Insurance is an amendment or policy that gives protection against an undesirable event or risk and it ensures that we are protected from financial loss or harm. The insurer is a person who insure and the insurance agent is a person who acts as a representative between the insurer and the insurance companies and he may be either an independent representative or a dedicated one. Independent representative means, the agent represents the insurance products of many companies and dedicated one is who represent only for a particular company.

Varieties of insurance:

Different types of insurance are available and each type provides some safety and security. Life insurance, property insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance, casualty insurance, home insurance and there are other types of insurance locked fund insurance, pet insurance and more. Whatever the insurance type it may be, the theme behind the insurance is safety and security for the future. The first insurance company in USA was started in 1732 in Carolina and Benjamin Franklin was the one who helped to popularize the insurance.


Premium is the sum of money paid, usually at regular intervals for an insurance policy. As said above, you need to invest in order to gain profit and before selecting the insurance decide your budget and select a premium that you can afford. Insurance companies in general have different premium options for the benefit of customers and you can pay the premium quarterly, half yearly, annually and monthly. Either you can pay in hand or there is an option to deduct the premium from your salary. Each and every company has different premium plans and the least amount of premium starts from hundreds and continues to the most; depending upon your budget you can decide the premium amount of your own. If you are busy and if you can’t find time to pay the premium, better you can call your agent and can pay the premium to the agent.

The companies usually remind about the premium thorough email or through letters. Find the best insurance companies through internet and there are many good health quotes companies who provide you the valuable information regarding insurance.

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