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Rudy Silva

Back linking is part of hosting a website and in search engine optimization. It is the fastest way to get traffic to your site. Back linking is,a link from another website to your site. Making back links is easy and simple. It also has a great role in page ranking.

Back link building is done in many ways. There are many ways to create back links. One way is to make comment on blogs. When you do this only a small amount of information is need in the comment box. Within this box are 4 sub-sections for your name, e-mail address, your website or URL, and your comment. Your comments are not always approved so your work to submit a comment is lost.

In making the comment, it is strongly advised to write a comment relevant to the blog post topic. Other viewers who read the post may also read your comments. So, if your comments are educational or at least interesting to the readers, they may be inclined to visit your site.

There are four types of link building strategies that you can use for your website or blog site. These are the reciprocal link exchange, one-way link, outbound link, and 3-way links.

In reciprocal link exchange, you simply swap links with sites that are relevant to yours. Some webmasters exchange links with anyone and with all websites. However, one drawback to this is the type of back links you will get may not be given much relevancy from Google. Reciprocal links are actually no longer effective like they use to be. And it is better to avoid these types of links.

In a one-way links, you get a link to your site from another site without having to give that site a link on your website. There certain many different ways to get one way links to your site. Here is a list of some of them:

1. Writing and submitting article to article directories

2. Writing and submitting web descriptions to web directories

3. If your site is a blog, submitting to blog directories

4. If your site is a blog submitting the blog rssfeed to rssfeed directories

5. If your site is a blog pinging your site to a pingers list

6. Submitting your site to social bookmaking sites

7. Submitting your site to web 2.0 sites

8. Submitting your site to classified ad directories

9. If your site is a video, submitting to video places

These are just a few places to submit your website. Your link back strategy should be to submit your site to a variety of places. When submitting your site, you want to variety your anchor text keywords. This can be done in the author’s bio or when you submit to various directories.

If you can spin your information, then you want to spin your titles, summary, resource box, and the different pages on your site. Spinning your article is also good, but it takes a lot of time to do this. But it is always best to submit your articles even when you cannot spin them.

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