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Few weddings are more spectacular than those held on New Year’s Eve. Everyone knows that the bride will be wearing something breathtaking, but what about the wedding guests? It is safe to assume that the simple sheath that is your go to dress to wear to an afternoon wedding just won’t cut it when the festivities are being held on New Year’s Eve. Step out in style with this guide to what to wear to a New Year’s Eve wedding.

New Year’s Eve is one time when a wedding guest can wear something very fancy with no fear of upstaging the bride. A long dress would be very appropriate. A metallic color like silver would be absolutely stunning, perhaps in a flowing sheath to the floor. Avoid formal gowns with small trains, as that does venture too much into the bride’s territory. Sparkly silver heels, a dazzling crystal necklace, and a set of hairpins will complete the look.

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While I am not normally wild about black dresses on wedding guests, it could work well for a New Year’ Eve wedding. Just be sure to choose a black dress which really says party. A swingy cocktail length dress with a black feather edge would be amazing for a young fashion-forward guest. Or opt for a cocktail dress with black sequins or paillettes to catch the light will really make a festive statement. A crystal necklace in all clear crystals or even jet black crystals will complement the sequins on the dress. Black silk high heels and hair pulled up will be the ideal finishing details.

When selecting a cocktail dress for an evening wedding, it is important to choose one which flatters your figure without being too sexy. Save the skin tight red dress or the black cocktail dress with the back that plunges dangerously low for another occasion. While you can (and should!) definitely up the wow factor of your attire for a New Year’s Eve wedding, it is still important not to draw too much attention to yourself. If everyone compliments you on your gorgeous party dress, that is great; if all the other guests are whispering about how much cleavage you have hanging out of your dress, that is not great, because it draws attention away from the bride.

Because New Year’s Eve is in the winter, it also opens up the option of a wearing a velvet dress as a wedding guest. Any shade of velvet would be elegant. Choose a cocktail length dress, or even a full length gown. A velvet fitted top worn with a full length silk taffeta ball skirt would be another gorgeous option, especially for older guests who prefer to avoid sheath dresses or those cut above the knees. Dramatic crystal drop earrings and a coordinating crystal necklace will look amazing with the velvet.

What about the men? Male wedding guests tend to have simpler choices to make. For a New Year’s Eve wedding, the only two choices worth considering are a dark suit or a tuxedo. In many cases, the wedding invitation will even state black tie or black tie optional, in which case the tuxedo is the answer. If the invitation does not specify a dress code, find out what the men in the wedding party will be wearing. If they will be in black tie, then it would be the best option for a male guest as well. (Men just look so dashing in tuxedos!) A dark suit would also be a nice alternative if black tie is not specified. Just be sure you look good enough to escort your wife or girlfriend in her fabulous dress!

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