By Robert Benjamin

Great winged bats; this is how most people perceive the Batsquatch. They allegedly live in the shadows of Mt. Saint Helens. They have purple skin, bashing red eyes and features that are quite similar to bats. The Batsquatch has never really been associated with the Sasquatch and is more commonly believed to be another split in evolution, thus producing this new species. The Batsquatch has been connoted to be carnivorous in state. Since reports tell of its appetite of small animals like chickens, goats and hogs, some believe that it is actually a flying primate but researchers claim that it is more closely joined to the fruit bat of northern America.

Fear still fills the hearts of men, women and children of Washington. It began with a simple rumor about he creature. In May of 1980 during the eruption of Mount Saint Helens the Batsquatch showed itself in the shadows of clouds from the eruption. In 1994, a local mountaineer and a liquor shop owner were able to take pictures of the Batsquatch making the rumor more evident and real for individuals of the said area. In a local newspaper this headline alerted fear back into the minds of citizens. ‘Yelmidians take cover under shadow of suspicious creature. Mountain News’

During this event livestock seemed to start disappear though luckily no humans were reported missing at the time. A mountaineer dictated events that happened and his encounter with the Batsquatch when he found himself half conscious near a cliff on the said area. The events progressed like this: The mountaineer had been knocked out and was feeling fuzzy from the fall when he suddenly heard a loud deep base yell from the shadows. He tried to focus his attention on the creature that had made the sound while balancing the throbbing head ache that he had. He saw a log like entity being thrown of a cliff after a truck had hit it. What caught his eye was the fact that he saw purple wings.

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He staggered to pull himself together as he looked for a way down to the valley when the clouds parted and a purple winged creature appeared. It looked like it was dragging another creature up. It looked like it was about 30 feet tall. With human like affection for the injured friend the creature then took into flight and extended strong wings that filled the mountaineer’s full eye sight view.

The mountaineer survived the event and kept this story a secret in fear of becoming the laughing stock of the community but when new stories came in about the Batsquatch he shared his story. Figment of imagination, or reality? A creature of great multitude and power that fills the air of the Washington Mountains truly is a frightful thought, especially knowing that it somehow survived time and evolution.

However, the reality of the Batsquatch can no longer be denied. It is only a creature that is struggling to survive. Just because it is so gigantic doesn’t mean that it will be the downfall of the human race. Respect! This is how we should take news such as this. Respect for a living creature instead of fear. Man should learn that our world is filled with entities that have not yet or can not yet be explained, but knowing that they are there adds to the humanity that we should be giving great creatures such as the Batsquatch.

There is a website that describes the Batsquatch and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail, this website is called: Unknown Creatures and it may be found at this url:

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