Do You Know That 1 gram silver bar Can be a Legal Tender For an Honest person


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Silver is one of the metals of the periodic table. The atomic weight of silver is 47. Lustrous white in appearance and it is soft to touch. It may occur naturally or in combination with other metals in alloys.

Due to the property of ductility that is, the property by virtue of which a substance cab me molded in the shape of wires, and its good thermal and electrical conductivity, they are most suitable for wires. But they are expensive, so copper wires are used as a replacement.

Now 1 gram silver bar can be a legal tender for an honest person. There are organizations which sell 1 gram silver bars. It looks like a very small thin and malleable piece of sheet. They display it by cutting a slice, same as the size of the bar in a paper, and then they fit the bar like a mosaic on the paper. It almost acts like a see through.

If you decide to buy a 1 gram silver bar, say at $3 and keep the precious metal with you for any other purpose, it is completely fine. After some time when the price of silver bar rises, say it becomes $4 then you may sell it to earn a profit. Thus it was a profit deal that you struck.

You may choose to keep the silver bar as long as you dont see any sign of the price of silver appreciating. But then try to analyze the cases where you can suffer a loss. In that case its better to sell it away at the same price so as to avoid a loss.

Few silver producing companies claim that a silver bar can be the key to freedom. The question is how and freedom from whom? The answer they give is freedom from bankers. Bankers take your money without giving you proper reasons. This silver bar has the ability to buy, so it gives you the freedom.

The organizations that sell 1 gram silver bar usually gets in touch with jewelers who can produce it in large quantities for them. They sell it to people who can melt this bar and use it for the production of ornaments or any other purpose.

But the point of buying silver is not for using it. It is meant for the storage of wealth. You can sell it to some other investor or trade it with some one who gives value for value. The manufacturers prefer to sell it in free market.

By picking up 1 gram of silver bar you are practically doing wealth insurance for yourself. This investment is very safe because you shall easily find another buyer whenever you feel that you need to sell this.

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